The Rule of Law Society provides capital to a claimholder in a case to litigate issues in furtherance of our mission.

We only invest in cases that reflect our mission. If accepted, Rule of Law Society provides funds for use in proceeding with a case. Sometimes we cover 100%, but more often much less. Depending on whether we decide to finance the case in whole or in part by loan or grant, the terms of repayment will reflect, and be contained in, our agreement. The money being loaned or granted to you to litigate the case is solely for that purpose.

We earn a return only if the claim is successful; if it is not, the claimholder pays nothing. This concept is similar to a lawyer taking a case on a contingency fee.

We embrace a flexible approach to the terms of our loan or grant and do not follow a one size fits all model. In some situations, we ask for return of capital plus interest. In other cases, we do not.

Once you submit materials on the case, we review them and then schedule an initial discussion about the general parameters of the claim. If the claim fits within our targets, we would review the relevant documents and develop a proposal with you. We routinely enter into nondisclosure agreements related to these discussions to ensure confidentiality on both sides.

Next, we would conduct our due diligence to verify support of the claim.

Then we offer the case summary, supporting documents, and case plan to our Board of Directors for their review, discussion, and vote.

Finally, we circulate transaction documents for the claimholder and counsel(s) to finalize and execute.

Once the loan or grant documents are signed, we will begin to make the funds available at the rate decided by the Board of Directors after invoices and supporting documentation are submitted.

If you win, you agree to repay us for the funds we spent on your case, plus a small amount of interest. If you lose, we get nothing.

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