Thank you for your interest in Rule of Law Society. As an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization, your donations help to further our ultimate goal – to bring the rule of law to China!

As part of our organization’s recordkeeping and administration, the Rule of Law Society is required to maintain certain specific information concerning the identity of its donors. While the organization sends information request letters to those donors for whom it has contact information, some contributions are received by the Rule of Law Society without specific donor contact information (particularly donations made by wire transfers).

As such, the Rule of Law Society requests that each donor who contributed to it during the prior calendar year kindly provide the following information, if it was not previously submitted to the organization:
5. The Donor’s full name;
6. The Donor’s full mailing address;
7. Number of donations made during the calendar year; and
8. Amount of each donation made.

Donors should please be assured that the Rule of Law Society will keep your information completely confidential within our secure internal database.